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3 Reasons People Are Not Involved in Your Church

1. Some People Feel Useless

These individuals feel as if they do not have anything significant to offer in ministry. They may believe that they personally are not qualified to serve in a ministry capacity or they might think that only special “clergy” can truly be involved in God’s work. This is not the truth. God has given us all a talent and gift to use for His Glory and to edify the body of Christ.  We are all in need of something, encouragement, healing, faith, and much more. This is why we all have different gifts.

Those who feel useless simply may not know that they have been called and gifted by God for ministry.  Peter wrote in his first epistle: “Based on the gift they received, everyone should use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of God” (4:10 HCSB).

It is the ordinary who are called to ministry, not the extraordinary. Those who feel useless have to be patiently taught that God has gifted them for service within the body. Once they grasp this as fact, they can become some of the best ministers in the congregation.


2. Some People are Hurting

It is a simple fact that our church contains those who have been hurt and are still hurting. Some of them have even been hurt by church and church leaders. They left a bad situation at a previous church. They were serving in an unhealthy situation. Because of their past, they are hesitant to get involved again. Healing and help should be our goal for these members.

For those who have been severely wronged, the first priority must be to love them. Church leadership should be gracious and provide the help needed to bring that person into a place of healing. The time to serve will come, but they need to be served first.

For others, they may have experienced some of the frequent pains that come with service. Often times those who are hurting feel as if they are alone. They don’t realize everyone who has served in church for any period of time has been hurt by someone or something. That’s ministry. It’s messy.

These people need encouragement to become involved again. We should come alongside them and motivate them to “love and good works,” as Hebrews 10:24 commands us to do.

3. Some People are Complacent

Let’s be honest. Some people simply do not want to serve. They want others to do all the work, while they enjoy the benefits. People would rather be an object of the church’s ministry than a partner in it. Too many church members maintain this me-first attitude.

This is part of human nature. It’s easier to be a consumer than a co-laborer. But that does not mean it is biblical. 

The thing about complacency is that it’s contagious. Serving is hard enough. No one wants to work while dozens of other people sit around and watch. It causes those who are working to reconsider actually working. If it’s not corrected, you go from a church with only a few working to a church with no one involved in the ministry.

All God’s people are called to the ministry, all God’s people are sent on mission. The only questions are “Where?” and “Among whom?”

As Charles Spurgeon said, “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.”


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