1. Where can I find church information and activities?
  • You can go to the events tab on the church website and look at the church calendar.
  1. As a member of Apostolic Grace Temple Church, what am I entitled to?
  • As a member you are afforded the opportunity to work and participate in any ministry, allowed to recommend suggestions that can benefit AGTC, and entitled to know the financials of AGTC. (Consistent tithe payers only)
  1. Do all new members have to attend a membership class?
  • A comprehensive workbook is given out for specific chapters to be completed. This ensures that ALL new members understand the church beliefs and philosophy of AGTC.
  1. What is Judah Feast?
  • Judah means praise and that’s what this event is. Various churches come together to praise the Lord through the art of music, praise dancing, poetry, rap, and other forms of expression. Vendor booths can be set up and food is sold.
  1. Are there certain colors the church wears on certain Sundays?
  • 2ndSunday the church wears white (Woman’s Day)
  • 5thSunday Red & White (Communion)
  • No white on 2ndSunday after white has been worn on a 5th
  1. What is dress down Sunday?
  • An opportunity to come to church casual, in jeans, t-shirts, jerseys, tennis shoes

    7.  When is Communion Sunday?

  • Every 5thSunday
  1. What is Kids Corner? (Members Only)
  • Every 9-12 weeks we recognize ANY one who is attending ANY school regardless of age.
    Other accomplishments are recognized such as athletics and music.
  1. What times during the service are you allowed to move/walk around the church?
  • While in the sanctuary we try to eliminate as much walking as possible, especially during the preached word of God. This can be a distraction for many. Please use your best judgment. At the start of altar call there is NO walking. Once Pastor seats the congregation walking may resume.
  1. Why do I see people holding up a finger when they are walking during church?
  • This is an old tradition that many still do to show respect and courtesy for walking during church.
  1. What is expected of us from Bible study?
  • All church members are expected to attend bible class and take notes. Ministry leaders are required to attend. Before Bible Class is started we recite 3 Key Scriptures to set the atmosphere.
    2 Timothy 3:15
    Ephesians 4:11-13
    Romans 10:14-15
  1. Which version of the Bible does the church use?
  • We use the King James Version (KJV), but other versions are acceptable such as NIV & Living Word.


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